Custom Home Design

We have experience with all styles of homes.  Our advantage is our experience and knowledge of the overall industry.  We work with Architectural Review Boards all over the country, code officials and research and have designed homes from the coastal areas to the mountains, mid-west to the southwest and seismic areas, all the way to islands in the Bahamas.  We have the ability to research the local building codes, communicate with engineers, surveyors, architects, builders and developers for you.  We have designed homes for the beach, golf courses, mountains and mountain lakes, neighborhoods and sub-divisions and even private islands.  All you need to do is communicate your ideas and how you want to live in the home along with how you want to see your views and the use of the property and we will do the rest.  Furthermore we want to design homes that will be built!  We listen to our customers and design the home "they" want and also pay close attention to their desired budget.  We want you to be pleased with your design and to be confident that the home will be your next dream home and within your desired budget.  ​Even with custom homes we use value engineered concepts and time saving features in our plans that will save time and money in the field.  We design the home so that you will put more material into the home instead of the dumpster.  Less waste, less errors and more information on the plans will make your builder's job much easier.  We can design with any architectural style, size shape of home or lot, budget or view. 

Age In Place Renovations / Green Building

Speculative Home Design

As a speculative builder you want to know that your home will sale long before putting a shovel in the dirt.  We understand the risks you are taking and in today's market.  We have extensive experience in designing award winning homes and entire neighborhoods that SALE!  We keep up with all of the trends and listen to our customers, advertisers and real estate people to know what is hot and what helps a home move.  We also listen to YOU!  We can give you our information and advice but ultimately it is your decision and we respect your knowledge of yoru market and where you want to be in the market place.  We use value engineered concepts to save you time and money.  Furthermore we have built homes for over 20 years and know how to communicate your thoughts to your sub-contractors and laborers through our plans.  Our plans literally can be your superintendent and an extension of you and your client.  We can list all features specific to the particular home right on the plans.  Additionally we can create plans for you that you can build over and over.  We will meet with you and adjust the plans based upon any field adjustments you make during construction so that each time yo build the home the pl;ans are updated to the new features and time saving adjustments you make.  We can assist you with sales literature, marketing materials and coordinate with all of your sub-contractors such as cabinet companies, truss manufacturers, surveyors and flooring suppliers.  We can also show flooring so that breaks and changes in material are clear and communicated to your customer and sub-contractors.  Less confusion or assumptions means fewer errors and more profit!

Additions and Remodels

Age in Place is the concept that more people are staying in their homes longer and prefer to remain in the comfort of their home if their needs or the needs of a family member change.  What that means for you for the design is a more open floor plan, wider doorways, wider hallways, blocking behind tubs, showers  and toilets.  We take a step further.  We discuss your specific needs and lifestyle and plan large open showers with low thresholds, master bedroom or a bedroom suite on the first floor, easy flowing floor plans, open kitchens, and we think about how the home will be used for the future.  We plan the home so that it may be used for 20-30 years.  When designing a home discussing the home with the clients is easy but thinking about how their needs may change in 30 years is how we help our clients enjoy their beautiful home for as long as they wish.  Furthermore we can assist you in achieving a National Association or Home Builders (NAHB) Green Home.  We deign homes that conserve energy, water, resources and improve the indoor air quality.  We can also assist your builder in preparing the documentation for getting the home certified.

More and more homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes in lieu of designing a new home or dealing with relocation.  We are experts in remodeling and additions.  We have personally remodeled many homes and know how to assist you or your builder with structural issues while adding the spaces you need.  We can match the architectural style of your existing home or suggest a completely new architectural style.  We continue to strive to use our knowledge of the industry to design the addition or renovation with cost saving features.  We utilize materials and methods that will maximize your budget and the amount of home you get for your budget.  We can assist you in Architectural Review Boards, Historical Society, Surveys, Engineering, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP( and CAMA submittals.  We can also provide code research to assist your builder with any restrictions or requirements for the existing home.