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Homes on Single Lots

We can design homes for any lot whether in a subdivision with restrictive covenants, Historical Society or Architectural Review Board.  We will contact the Review Board or Developer for you and design within their restrictions.  We design homes that SALE!  We use features and design elements that are current and help your agents sale the home.  We also use time and material saving methods and value engineer each home to the fullest to maximize your profit.

Multiple Homes and Entire Product Lines

We have designed many entire neighborhoods.  Since our inception we have been the most active design company in southeast North Carolina, but have designed homes and neighborhoods from the mid-west, to the deep southeast and southwest.  We understand how to create multiple elevations for the same floor plans and give you the street appeal that will make your neighborhood outperform your competition.  Additionally our value engineering will save, save, save.  We will also set up lot specific plans for each customer with their Selections right on the plan so you can have a specific set of plans for each lot and customer to keep errors and confusion to a minimum. 

Model / Individual Homes

We can set up your most popular homes as a model home and showcase all of the features that you provide.  Furthermore we can create office space in the garage for your agents and staff.  Our award winning designs have been featured in Parades of Homes across the country since we opened for business. 

Sentry Drafting & Design   /   Mountains/Piedmont/Triangle  910.443.2443   /   Coastal 910.279.4136

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